Netherlands Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia

Support for Civil Society

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands enhances its policies in Croatia through the MATRA programme for Good Governance. Matra is an acronym for MAatschappelijke TRAnsformatie meaning Social Transformation.

The programme aims to support projects which contribute to the goal of creating an open democratic and inclusive society. To achieve this goal it focuses on sustainable projects for good governance and civil society development.

Since 1996 around €12 mln was spent in Croatia with some 28 Matra projects for Good Governance (MPP). The projects addressed capacity building of NGO’s in a vast area of themes and activities ranging from healthcare, human rights and education to environmental issues.

The MATRA programme consists of several subprogrammes each with its own criteria regarding eligible applicants, selection and financing.

For deadlines, eligible themes & activities and application procedures check the website of the MATRA programme.

Project Support for Good Governance

MATRA Project Programme (MPP)

MATRA Biodiversity (BBI);
for downloads such as application form, programme description and deadlines click here: (in Dutch language only).

MATRA KAP small embassy projects

Who can apply

Croatian NGO’s can apply throughout the year directly to the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Zagreb under MATRA KAP only.

For all the other components Croatian NGO’s will have to establish a a twinning partnership with a Dutch NGO. The Dutch NGO will make the application to the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague.

For MPP there are two application rounds per year for which deadlines are set around the end of March and the end of October. Please note that the number of selection rounds, available budget and exact dates vary from year to year.[link]

MATRA KAP Embassy projects

The Matra KAP Small Embassy Programme is part of the Matra programme, and managed by the Royal Netherlands Embassy.

Active citizens are the spine of a plural civil society. Matra Kap offers financial support to small scale activities carried out by groups or individuals organized as NGO’s enhancing the development of an open, pluralist, democratic society.

In order to apply for a Matra/KAP grant NGO’s have the opportunity to propose a project dealing with the transformation process towards a more democratic and a diverse civil society in diverse area s of society.

The project proposal should be formulated according to the Matra KAP Questionnaire and should be backed by a transparent budget proposal. The proposal can be sent by Email or by regular mail to the Embassy.

For more information on eleigible activities and requirements of a project proposal (click here).

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